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    It used to be incredibly hard to host dynamic content.

    You’d have to cut a deal with a server company, and then write code specifically for their weird unix box, and then there was no support and it probably wouldn’t work.

    Everyone knew this sucked. Then Heroku came and make it trivial.

    You could spin up an instance in just a few minutes, throw some bootstrap code on there and hook to a database and you were able to compete with the biggest companies in the world.

    Then AWS happened, and you could do this at perfect scale, and everything was seamless.

    AWS changed how we build applications.

    Have an idea you want to test with 100 users? Spin up an ec2 instance and go for it.

    Anyone who can write code can distribute it to billions of people with AWS.

    AWS then launched some other products, helping people with less technical skills leverage their massive computational power. They can do things like data storage, machine learning, etc.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    What happens when anyone can spin up a factory?

    You have a product idea? Just build a CAD model and send it over, and robots will build it in real time for you and same day deliver it.

    You want 10000 of them now? No problem. Oh there’s a machining problem that you found at unit 500? Just upload a fix and the next 9500 will automatically have it.

    You need some furniture for your new apartment? You can now specify exactly what you’d like to have and it’ll be there in a couple days. 1 of 1.

    What about food? Just spin up your own restaurant that makes exactly what you want.

    Your mom’s mac and cheese that you haven’t had in forever? Send over a recipe and it’ll get delivered in an hour.

    Instead of having your friends over for a dinner party that you cooked, it’ll be a dinner party you designed.

    The crazy thing is that each step closer to these futures is billions of dollars in value.

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