Dev Rangarajan
    Anti Productive Results
    How'd it go?

    If you read the prior anti productive post, you’ll see that I tried not consuming any of the typical strategy content or other vague productivity stuff I typically read. Here’s what I noticed:

    Without medium and podcasts, I found that I was spending way more time on reddit and twitter. It wasn’t like I was saving time or doing more with it.

    That’s the core realization, content consumption isn’t productive. But I knew that, and you probably did too.

    So why am I back to productivity content and thinking about strategies? Because it’s slightly better than the alternative. The goal now is to just lower the total amount of time spent being fed information, and spend more time doing real work. But it was helpful to separate that out for me.

    I think there is some value in productivity content, in that you’re reminded frequently about different concepts and you can be more mindful. But don’t pretend it’s actually doing anything, because it’s not going to take you anywhere on its own.

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