Dev Rangarajan

What I'm Doing Now

This is my now page (what is this?)

Building Agrarian.Design

I started Agrarian Design in May of 2020, and we've been steadily growing ever since.

We work with climate tech companies who directly or indirectly improve the planet. A typical client is a series A or B startup who is using performance marketing to grow. We can handle everything from the ad down to the purchase, and attribute the entire journey. We also work with later stage companies on specific projects.

It's been quite a journey becoming an entrepreneur. I've been writing daily, and doing quarterly reflections. Eventually I'll publish something that more accurately captures the feeling of starting a company - most interviews with founders are after they're successful.

Doing some side projects

Everything from building the garden to tinkering with fintech apis. I'm diving into a lot of stuff, and meandering through quite a few topics in my down time.

Moving to Miami (for a while)

I'll be in Brickell for at least 3 months starting in Jan 2022. If you're based in Miami, please shoot me a DM on twitter, would love to buy you coffee.

Last Updated: Dec 2021

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