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What I can do for you

Read the riff on personal apis

Growth Marketing Stratgies

Shoot me a dm on twitter and explain your project/company - I'll give you 2 off-the-wall low cost acq strategies to help you grow.

IG edits

I need to justify my lightroom addiction somehow - if you want to punch up a photo feel free to dm me a raw file.


Need to meet someone in climate or one of my social media mutuals? Hiring a new PM/Designer/Engineer/Growth person for your startup? I can help with both.

Restaurant/Hotel/Nightclub Recommendations

Out in NYC/Miami/SF/Chicago and really tired of using yelp? Dm me and I'll share my running lists of the best places.

If you just landed in *city I am in* and want to get coffee (or tequila)

Always down - dm me.

Last Updated: December 2021

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